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Charcoal. Paper. Inspiration. And black lines. These are the elements upon which the world's greatest architectural structures are founded. Welcome to Blacklines of Design Inc, a quarterly online publication showcasing the contributions of multi-cultural architects and designers around the globe. Here, budding architects and designers of all backgrounds will find a wealth of resources to assist them with their creative aspirations and academic needs. Seasoned designers may also find themselves drawn in by the diversity of architectural and design solutions offered by professionals the world over.

Blacklines of Design Inc., was originally founded by designer Kathleen Ettienne as a print quarterly for the benefit of architects and designers in the United States. Yet with technological advances in communication creating an ever-shrinking global village, Blacklines of Design Inc. has decided to expand into the international arena . With the greater flexibility allowed for by digital publication, we aim to offer a platform for diversity-based architecture and design that is innovative, relevant, functionally practical and visually pleasing. And with the recent economic downturn affecting the industry, open discourse and creative solutions are essential to meeting the architectural and design needs of today's complex society.

As you review the online inaugural issue of Blacklines of Design Inc, you may find that your level of interest in a featured project or designer reaches beyond the scope of the available material. Alternatively, you may be an international diverse designer or architect who wishes to contribute to our publication. We invite you to visit our contact page for further communication. If you wish to purchase a subscription that will allow you to have access all features of Blacklines of Design Inc, or if you wish to donate a subscription to an academic institution or community organization, you are welcome to contact our Brooklyn, NY office by e-mail, telephone or postal service.

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